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what is breathwork?

Put simply, breathwork is the conscious control of breathing for physical and mental wellbeing. It is to breathing what exercise is to your muscles: a health technique that you can learn to master and tweak.

Vital for life, our breath connects our mind and body. Breathing is the only bodily system that both works automatically and lends itself to our conscious control. Thus, we can change our breath.

That’s where breathwork enters the picture. It extends your ability to modify the way you breathe and helps you breathe consciously to fit your personal goal. By working consciously with our breath, we make it work for us and our health.

Breathing with purpose makes a huge difference. It can help you decrease stress and anxiety, boost immunity and enhance performance and creativity.

The beauty of breathwork is that you don’t need advanced equipment to do it. Your main tools are your lungs, your diaphragm and your stomach. By learning to pay attention to your breathing, you improve your ability to breathe with intention.