intro breathe deep, 3 sessions @ our center & 4 weeks unlimited online sessions

Three is the magic number some say. We say it is a start, and invite you to breathe with us online for four whole weeks.

You'll know more about your own breath than you might think is possible.

Learn with our guides at our center, and deepen your practice at home or elsewhere of choice.

Here you'll get 3 sessions at our center in Stockholm & four (4) full weeks of breathing with us online, from your home or at a place of your choice.

Why not make room to breathe at our center & fill your days with new breaths each day for the coming weeks?

Each week we hold +12 sessions at our center & 7-10 classes online via Zoom with personal guidance from one of our certified breath guides.

Important notice!

Please note, this is a personal product and can't be gifted.
Use our gift cards if you wish to gift an intro offer. 

If you buy an intro offer, you get 30% on a gift card for someone you know.

1 185 kr 1 600 kr

intro breathe deep, 3 sessions @ our center & 4 weeks unlimited online sessions

1 185 kr 1 600 kr

breathe live @ our studio & online

Whether you want to start breathing with us at our center or online we'll give you both. With three sessions at our studio you can go deep, explore more classes and then practice online. This is a month of immersion, yet just a start.

4 weeks unlimited online classes

Added to the class we'll add 4 weeks of unlimited breathing with us online. We have online classes every day - 7 days a week. In total this will give you 47 breathing sessions to explore in total. With at least one session available per day.

looking to give someone you know the experience of breathwork?

use our gift cards for our intro offers. they are valid for 12 months and start at the first visit.
if you buy an intro offer for yourself you can buy gift cards at 30% after your purchase.


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