view the video below on how to start breathing at hale

how to buy an intro offer & book your first session

the best way to start breathing at hale is through our intro offer. when you completed your purchase an account will be created for you in our booking system, Mindbody.

our booking system, Mindbody, is a different system than our web shop. these two systems are integrated.

when your purchase is done you'll receive an email with instructions how to set your password and sign our liability waiver. In your email
click the create new password link.

Create your password and you'll be automatically logged in to your account. Check the liability waiver and then book your first class in the schedule.

you'll receive an email from our course platform, Thinkific, with the subject:
Welcome to the hale online course platform.

simply click the link: Click here to reset your password.
Create your password and login to the course.

enjoy the course material and try the techniques. if you like them, please do recommend your friends to sign up.