the basics of breathing

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lesson 1

breathing & your autonomic nervous system. how it works and how to influence it with your breath

lesson 2

location of motion . where to breathe. learn the different muscles and places you can utilize for optimal breathing

lesson 3

nasal breathing & why becoming a nose breather is a good idea

lesson 4

hacking your sleep w night taping your mouth. the no 1 hack to get rid of sleep apnea

lesson 5

double inhale & sigh of relief - scienced based relaxtion breathing to activate your parasympatetic response in no time

lesson 6

master your heart rate variability with balance breathing while activating a calm & highly focused state of mind

test your breathing function & nervous system with this simple exercises with johnny oduya

3 simple & powerful breathing exercises for Covid-19 recovery with johnny oduya

resilience and optimal breathing by nasal / nose breathing with daniel müeller gonzales

in-depth interview with johnny oduya, ceo & co-founder of hale about hale's vision, approach and reasons to be.

dive into how johnny & daniel found breathwork and where it all started.

daniel presents all our signature classes and how they are designed to bring yo into the hale breath journey.

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