intro unlimited online, 1 month

1 month of unlimited online breathing.

Each week we hold around 11 sessions online via Zoom.

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Please note, this is a personal product and can't be gifted.
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$54.00 $118.00

intro unlimited online, 1 month

$54.00 $118.00

4 weeks unlimited online classes

4 weeks of unlimited breathing with us online. We have online classes every day - 7 days a week. In total this will give you 48 breathing sessions to explore in total. With at least one session available per day. This is where you can fully immerse in your breath with us from where ever you are

they are personal please, use the gift cards to share the experience.

activation date the online weeks starts at first booked session & studio sessions are valid during 3 months

get each once you can get each start package once. providing you with a total of 9 studio sessions & 16 weeks of unlimited online breathing for 3805 SEK.


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