Take advantage of our once in a lifetime limited "launch trial offer" when we release the beta app. Make sure to hit Yes to get access when we launch.

At launch we’ll have up to 17 weekly studio sessions and 14 weekly online sessions for you to book. Adding all the recorded content, sessions & breathing patterns you’ll never be out of breath again.

Seamless booking, soulful connection

Find all live sessions effortlessly on the hale app. Booking is a breeze with just a tap from your home screen, profile or the live session list.

The hale studio is your oasis to pause, connect with yourself and fellow breathers. Nestle in, embrace the stillness or revive yourself with a breath of energy.

Experience personalized guidance, dive deeper into your practice, share your journey and connect with others on the same path.

Your online breath journey and virtual oasis - wherever you are

Experience live, guided online breathwork from wherever you are. When the desire to connect with your breath strikes, simply join one of our online sessions with live guidance from our breath guides.

Book your session in the app, receive a one-click link to join the live Zoom session, create your safe space, grab your headphones and engage in a shared breathwork experience with fellow participants.

Afterwards, feel free to connect and share - or choose to linger in your space before embarking on an enriched path through life.

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