Breath performance wherever, whenever

The secret of the top performers in the world of sports, business and high intensity experiences is as easy to miss, as it is to train. 

This hidden key isn't about adding strain or pushing harder. Instead, it’s found in efficiency, utilising the least amount of energy while fueling your cells with renewable energy through breath control.

When you unlock the wisdom of your body and master your breath, new horizons unfold - and at that point, the possibilities become endless.

Optimize your workout and elevate performance by using your breath

Unleash the incredible power, available for anyone to master and harness throughout their life, free of charge. The only thing you’ll have to do is to work your breath.

The way you use, and hold, your breath is the one thing that will change your game forever.

No more excuses. Start the next time you take a walk, hit the gym or head out towards new levels of achievement.

Consider your training officially upgraded to a new level.

Feel the pressure now, outperform everyone else later

When you get this right, there is no more huffing and puffing. Holding your breath while moving might be challenging at first.

This is the key to superior performance and an ideal warm up.

Short, intense breath holding will lower blood acidity and adapt the body to faster be able to handle increased lactate levels during high intensity training.

Breathe less. Hold. Win the race.

Specifically designed  breath performance sessions adapted to imposed demands

The endurance challenge comes with energy conservation over a long duration of time while still keeping up the intensity.

The solution: integrate breath work into your training.

Dynamically working with the CO2 tolerance gives you control over your breath rate, optimizing your breathing pattern even when you feel out of breath.

Improved breath control leads to better breathing patterns and higher oxygen delivery to your cells.

In the hale app you’ll get purposefully designed sessions to create the imposed demands you’ll need when hitting the road.

Make every walk breathtaking

Have you ever been captivated by a breathtaking view, momentarily holding your breath in awe of its beauty? Let’s build on that concept, and bring your breath holding practice into your daily walks.

This will adapt your body to elevated Co2 levels, boosting alertness and focus when arriving at work, your workout or simply infusing your system with renewed energy through increased oxygen delivery to your cells.

In the hale app you’ll find variations of breathwork practices, easy to use during your daily walks.

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