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starting mid october 2022
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hale is a center and community for breathwork who helps people breathe, connect and grow.

we started with a simple idea: to give all humans easy access to breathwork and the power of breath.

breathwork is an unmatched tool for improving the quality of breathing and life. It is simple, effective and rewarding.

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most experience something never experienced before.
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you notice changes & shifts in your day-to-day life.
you connect & grow unexpectedly.
just by breathing differently.

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voices of breathing experiences

Fantastic venue at Garnisonen, Stockholm. Been longing to find help to really go deep and breathwork is something totally new to me. Me and my girlfriend had an out of body experience and a feeling of restarting ourselves trying out the elixir class. Will definitely come back when I feel the need of letting go and refresh mind, body and life. Thank you

Alexander P

So glad to know this practice is available in Stockholm now. Warm and valuable experience.

Carla A

Breath work with a great guide is one of the best experiences one can have I think, and the Hale guides are fantastic.

Sandra L

explore our purposefully designed classes

we've carefully constructed and designed classes that will help you unlock the full potential of your breath.

on the hale breath journey you'll explore your breath. through science-based breathing patterns combined with different breath schools & modalities found across the globe. added to this mix, our own mysterious twists.

read more about our class design thinking or go directly to class below.