Once you've breathed through each class, you've embarked on a deep exploration of breathwork practices globally - all uniquely adapted with the magic of hale.

Breathe your way to inner tranquility, engage in powerful sessions, explore realms beyond the ordinary and experience blissful states. Master the skill to hold your breath to unlock deep inner peace, release latent emotions and improve your resilience. Welcome onboard.

Elevate your breathwork practice with the hale signature classes

Experience every signature hale class with just a tap of your finger, whenever and wherever you are. Our purposefully designed classes are created from experience, testing and the science of breathing.

The heal class is designed to stimulate your relaxation response, while the intense hit workout with the power class activates your innate immune response. 

Find your basic practice through the base class or dive into breath-holding techniques in the resilience class. Join a journey to out of the ordinary states of consciousness with the elixir class.

Our live sessions online are available for you on a daily basis. tap in and breathe away.

You make every session unique

Eight billion people in the world and everyone of us is different - the same goes with our breathwork sessions. The hale signature classes are purposefully designed to activate various states of being and ways to breathe. While they aim to develop your breathing, you can rest assured that your personal growth will follow too.

Our current state of mind affects the way we breathe and we all bring our individual experiences to each class, including our breath guides. This means you can experience all our signature classes in endless variations.

Let go of the past and embrace the discovery of who you are today. Only one thing is constant: change.

Changing the way you breathe, changes your state of being.

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