breathwork for beginners

our classes, courses, and programs are built upon four phases humans need to function at their very best.

we simply call these phases: activate, perform, recover and relax.

your breath is the key to activate your whole system, the fuel for your performance, the essence of efficient recovery, and the gateway to true deep relaxation.

whether you are preparing for a long day in front of your computer, important presentations or meetings, long-distance running, team sports, yoga, or any other physical exercise, your breath is a great enhancer.

in our everyday relationships and in family life, knowing how to breathe to change your state of mind, and form deeper connections, is an essential skill to develop.

when you learn how to master your breath, life usually changes far beyond our expectations.

each breathing pattern or technique will affect various areas of human living.

whether it is deep relaxation based on parasympathetic activation or physical exercise of your breathing and abdominal muscles.

some breathing patterns will balance and change your heart rate variability, while others train and optimize how your body responds to lower CO2-levels.

in our classes you’ll learn breathing patterns to activate your whole system, techniques and exercises for true deep relaxation and recovery.

you’ll gain knowledge on how to enhance your wellbeing, performance and energy.

we have skilled and seasoned breath guides who guide you on musical journeys, inwards to connect with yourself and explore all that breath has actually to offer for you.

all you have to do is sign up, show up and breathe with us.

the rest will all be carefully guided and provided for you. most likely you will gain new experiences you might have never experienced before.

all through your breath. try it out now, come to breathe, connect and grow.

explore our purposefully designed classes

each of our class is there for you to experience. while it is nice to read about things, when it comes to breathing it is best done by trying it out.

we encourage you to explore each one of our classes below, and then join us for your first intro class.

each class is one step further on the hale breath journey. rewards await you as you proceed on the path to mastering your breath.

when you have traveled through all nine, you will have knowledge about the power of your breath to last a life time of practice and to refine into mastery.

voices of breathing experiences with hale

Great class, great experience and great instructor! Overall very good experience for a first timer. As well very nice location. I'll come back!

Ulrika A

Excellent guidning . Educated teachers. Energy full of passion and compassion. Perfect vibe and feeling in a very clean and nice studio . Good variations of different sessions /classes

Charlotta S

l hade a respectful meeting and it gave me a extremely positive sense of tranquility. I will definitely come back.

Behnaz A


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