the heal class is there to activate all the parts in your body and mind for deep relaxation, and recovery

in our heal classe you’ll explore deep and true states of relaxation.

you’ll be guided into a landscape of new dimensions of calm. we’ve combined well researched breathing techniques to activate your parasympathetic response and stimulate the vagus nerve.

in heal we breathe very slow, deep, and rhythmic. aimed to give you the deepest healing effects and regenerative effects.

in a sense this class is all about generating healing and regeneration from the stresses of life. this is where you’ll truly tap into other realms of being, and come home to yourself.

it is the perfect class if you are in a high stress state, fatigued or simply need to wind down.

Annie (instructor) with helper Anka held such a beautiful, safe and compassionate space where I really felt I could let go and follow the initial advise and welcome everything.

Maral F

I had a very relaxed feeling afterwards.

Anna-Karin L

Good session to start with and a good guide!

Cecilia A

duration: 60 minutes

what you get: deep relaxation & re-generation of self

level: beginner, intermediate and advanced

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on the hale breath journey you'll explore your breath through a combination of science-based breathing patterns, the different breath schools, traditions & modalities found across the globe and our own mysterious add-ons. each class is designed to create specific effects and outcomes. read more about each of our classes below.