blissful feelings and joy can be consciously created. these states vibrate at higher frequencies, changing our view of life.

our bliss is a precious and elusive experience in life. accessing states of higher frequencies brings new ways of meeting the everyday.

in bliss you are guided into a longer breathing session aimed to bring feelings of joy and bliss. in this space and state new creativity and insights can be born.

this class is a light and joyful experience focused on releasing the natural high of circular breathing. guided by our certified breath guides trained for deeper experiences, you are safe to explore fully what your breath can bring.

perhaps you’ll leave dancing, with a new found smile shining.

Lovely experience and nice place!

Anna R

Professional, calming, welcoming and everything I looked for. Thank you!

Helena C

Incredibly cool and wonderful experience. Very professional and friendly breath guide.

Jennifer A

duration: 2h 30min

what you get: we hope bliss "en massé"

level: beginner to advanced

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on the hale breath journey you'll explore your breath through a combination of science-based breathing patterns, the different breath schools, traditions & modalities found across the globe and our own mysterious add-ons. each class is designed to create specific effects and outcomes. read more about each of our classes below.


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