in this class, you get a first taste of the power of your breath, learn the basics and be carefully guided into breathwork.

one of our certified breath guides will meet & greet you at the studio and guide you completely from the start.

this class contains a short lecture on breathwork and breathing techniques and a guided breath session. the deeper circular breathing alternated with breath holds activate different parts of your nervous system.

combined, this creates benefits on multiple levels of your being. you're going to have a lot of control & will be guided each step of the way. you'll feel the power of your breath very tangible in your body.

this is a breathing class that will leave you relaxed, energized and with a calm mind.

voices of breathing experiences with hale

Great class, great experience and great instructor! Overall a very good experience for a first timer. It Is a very nice location. I'll come back!

Ulrika A

Excellent guidning. Educated teachers. Energy full of passion and compassion. Perfect vibe and feeling in a very clean and nice studio. Good variations of different sessions/classes.

Charlotta S

l had a respectful meeting and it gave me an extremely positive sense of tranquility. I will definitely come back.

Behnaz A

duration: 1h 15min

what you get: an introductory lecture on breathwork
+ 30 minutes of subtle breathing techniques.

level: beginner, intermediate and advanced

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on the hale breath journey you'll explore your breath through a combination of science-based breathing patterns, the different breath schools, traditions & modalities found across the globe and our own mysterious add-ons. each class is designed to create specific effects and outcomes. read more about each of our classes below.