the elixir. our gateway to those other galaxies and dimensions of existence inherently accessible to humans. breathe beyond your current state of mind, and awaken to another place.

masterminded by hale’s co-founder daniel müller gonzales, this class and breathing pattern is one of a kind.

in “the elixir” you’ll be carefully supervised and guided into an exploration of breath. designed to make sure that you arrive at an out-of-the-ordinary destination - safe and refreshed.

this is the gateway class in between our introductory classes and the more advanced sessions. here you’ll be able to go deeper, and re-surface with your mind expanded.

Been longing to find help to really go deep and breathwork is something totally new to me. Me and my girlfriend had an out of body experience and a feeling of restarting ourselves trying out the elixir class.

Alexander P.

Breathwork is a practice that can help you in every aspect of life and it gives you an amazing experience.

Wilmer B.

Amazing experience, safe place!

Max T

duration: 1h 15min

what you get: deep exploration of breath

level: mid to advanced

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