introducing the future of wellness

hale is a holistic breathwork community that makes time-tested tools for becoming a better breather available to all.

founded by two time stanley cup champion johnny oduya, wim hof certified breath guide daniel müller and serial entrepreneur andreas jakubowicz.

hale guarantees a safe, high-quality breathwork experience by providing accessible, purpose-designed classes led by some of scandinavia’s most experienced breath guides

benefits with breathwork

when we today work from home and rarely meet our friends and co-workers in person we see a big increase in lost of connection to other humans.

to find activities that is both connective and also inclusive is very rare.

breathwork is the perfect activity that includes both of those missing parts, but also with many other benefits for healthier and happier co-workers.

for performance

- better focus-mental clarity - increased body-mind connection - more creativity - increased energy - immune system boost - increases resilience

for balance

- more balanced emotionally, mentally and physically - get a mental break - shortcut to deep meditative states - deep states of peace

for wellbeing

- releases feel good hormones - enhanced relaxation - improves sleep - activates the parasympathetic nervous system – rest, digest, heal

our studio @ garnisonen

our studio in stockholm is the only place carefully designed for breathwork & breathing training in sweden.

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