this is where you can deepen your practice, explore and play with your breath even more as well as give it what you got.

this is a technique that will leave you relaxed and energized. It is very simple and very powerful.

each breathwork session comes with new experiences. In the base class each of our guides will provide a slightly different experience. the guidance and music might have variations, yet the foundational structure is the same.

this is why we ourselves love to come back to the basic practice over and over again.

Such a great experience and Daniel is a really humble, patient and wonderful breath guide! Thank you!:)

Viktoria S

The session was very great and I felt less stressed!

Shukri J

Very knowledgeable guide, beautiful session.

Kajsa D

duration: 60 minutes

what you get: 4-5 rounds of basic alternate breathing exercise.

level: beginner to advanced.

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