this is one of the deeper breathing practices. breathe to heal, to release, to venture into emotional healing and deeper work.

this is a variation of classical rebirthing with circular breathing exercises. this class is suited for practitioners who want to dig deep and work with trauma release.

connect is a therapeutic tool to help you connect with your emotional core, physiological memories and potentially access hidden treasures within.

our connect class is guided by trained breath guides with experience and professional training suitable for bringing you safely to where you need to go.

To breathe actively is fantastic. I am a very sensitive person so breathing often stirs things up. It is sometimes difficult. This time I didn't dare to let go completely. Breathing really helps me to unlock things. I'll definitely continue.

Anne-Maj S

Warm and welcoming instructors. A very inspiring and interesting session. Thank you!

Daniel V

duration: 2h 30min

what you get: connected breathing exercises & deeper work

level: mid to advanced level

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