power breathing. train your intercostal and abdominal muscles through deep and fast breathing.

an intense workout aimed at expanding your lung capacity and refining your ability to move between alternate states of consciousness. an intensive workout that stimulates the whole respiratory system.

in high performing or high stress environments learning how to self-regulate emotions and input is key. adaptability to your environment serves not just you but others around you.

breathwork can improve this regulatory ability. it provides ways to impact the nervous system and widen the range of your stress tolerance.

in this class, we go all in, push to the max and leave at a higher state of energy.

It’s simply amazing, in so many ways!!

Frederick G

Powerful experience! Talented and caring staff!

Johan A

Session was very balanced with information and experience. Also very good instructing and atmosphere.

Hannele A

Duration: 60 minutes

what you get: full connected breathing workout with breath holds

level: intermediate to advanced

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