rosanna holmström

Rosanna brings her passion for breathwork, sound and physical movement together and guides you with a mixture of softness and fire.


breathwork came into Rosanna’s life when she needed it the most. She was living a high-paced lifestyle, working within the vet industry and training kickboxing on a daily basis. Breathwork helped her open up to her softness, find balance and grounding - something she had always been longing for without even knowing it. She found a way to bring both her passions together, breathwork and fitness training and is now also coaching athletes / fitness enthusiasts to better
sports performance.

“How you breathe affects everything in your life. Breathwork is our biggest bio-hack and it has truly changed my life for the better. I love sharing the deep and profound healing abilities that breathwork brings to humanity.”

Rosanna is one of our certified breath guides, let her inspire you to breathe – connect – grow.