We recommend breathing on an empty or light stomach, to fully reap the rewards from the breathwork.

Giving your digestive system no meal 2-3 hours before a class, and preferably little or no caffeine, will give you better access to your breathing capacity, enable more effects, benefits and a more powerful experience.

You don’t need to bring anything to class, all you need will be provided and the rest is within you.

We have a saying at hale, that goes: breathwork will always give you what you need, just for today.
No matter what state, shape or form you are in, all you need to bring is your own presence.

We do recommend comfortable clothes, for the most relaxing experience.

Comfortable, loose or stretchy clothing that allows your belly and diaphragm to expand during the breathing, is recommended.
It is also ok to wear jeans or the like, and you can unbutton the waist if needed before breathing starts.

Wearing an underwire-bra is not recommended, as it will hinder the diaphragm from expanding fully.
We recommend wearing a more comfortable bra or stretchy sports top, (or no bra at all), for the most comfortable breathing experience.

When you sign up for an online class, you'll get instructions by email.

Make sure to check that we can send you emails when creating your account, and always check your spam folder if you haven't received your zoom link.

All our online classes are on Zoom. Best is to participate on a computer with the Zoom app downloaded.
It is great to have quality headphones, a comfortable le and undisturbed environment.
An eye mask can be nice as well. Make sure you are seated or laying down while breathing.

Breathwork is as safe as working out.

But if you are pregnant or have a heart condition, you should ask your doctor whether your condition prevents you from practising breathwork.

If you are epileptic, talk to us. We can help you find out what breathing techniques suit you best.

Corona: we wash blankets and masks regularly. We also always keep the number of practitioners low with safe distancing in our sessions. Moreover, we use air purifiers or/and good ventilation in all our spaces.

Our doors close at the stated time with no exceptions. Even at our online sessions.

Please be in time.