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breathe through the world of breathwork

hale is all about your breath.

in our essence we are exploring the world of breathing
with curisoity & by researching the breathing experience in practice.

the hale breath journey

we designed this journey for you to take step-by-step into breathwork & breathing practices. the hale breath journey will provide deep understanding and practical knowledge about how to use your breath.

we've carefully designed classes and a journey for you to experience the power of your breath and teach you how you can use it in different areas of life.

the hale breath journey is a combination of all our classes, designed for you to take you from the beginning to the end. a start of a lifelong adventure.

this journey is an experienc to tap into the potential of your breath and how you can use it every day of your life.

An experience to enhance your wellbeing, your health as well as your relationships.

how you can breathe the journey

Master the basics

start with the basics and our intro session. then continue with the base class and explore the deeply relaxing heal. try breathing online with us also. try the same class with a different guide. practice breathwork.

Advance your practice

when you feel ready advanced with a raw class, the elixir or power. why not try resilience, our breath holding class. go deep into exploring with different guides & breathe online

Prepare to go deep

challenge your friends to join and practice to get ready for our two deepest classes, bliss & connect. this is where you'll really will reap the benefits of breathing many times before taking on these session.

join the challenge / share the challenge

will you complete all our classes within 3 months?

what will a commmitment to learn breathwork in three months mean for your life & future. Are you willing to invest in your breath to gain life long skills to enhance your way of breathing in life? breathe with us both online & at out studio. explore all our classes & the different guides facilitating them.