Be guided into finding your breath

At the core of hale you’ll find our certified breath guides. with the growing desire for ways to boost well-being, improve health and ease stress, the demand for experienced and well-trained teachers is huge.

In the hale app, you' can deepen your connection to your breath and your breath guides.

Whether you’re joining a live online session, attending classes at our studio or exploring our recorded content, you will meet a breath guide who has personally experienced the power of breath and is devoted to teaching others.

Guiding through personal experience

Every breath guide have their story about how breathwork change their life. how the solution of learning how to breathe enhanced life.

Every breath guide have their own flavour & approach, specialities & experiences they bring into their guidance.

This makes every session unique.

Trained to facilitate on a professional level

What unifies the hale breath guides is their extensive training & certification in facilitating breathwork through the hale certified breath guide training.

Every breath guide on the hale app has  minimum of 200 hrs of breathwork facilitation training.

With this, you can find your way safely guided & trust the process.

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