breath performance certification

become powered by your breath,
unlimit you performance & accelerate your growth

fully booked
starting again autumn 2022

breathwork is an unmatched tool to improve the quality of breathing in athletic performance

what if you could access an effortless way to accelerate yourself towards peak performance.
where the answer is not to train harder, more and adding to the strain.
vital for life, our breath connects our mind and body. 

how to master & harness your breath is a lifelong skill. free to use without restrictions or regulations. you carry this knowledge with you at all times. 

the rewards of learning the art of breathing are immense, practical & highly useful.

In this program you'll step into a small dedicated group of high level professional & athletes

All determined to make a difference by mastering the power of their breath.

Only 10 participants in this intense eight week training program

Each one carefully matched to the wholeness of the group and to assure that each one receive in depth personal coaching

To apply, sign-up now & you'll receive a link to the application form

As soon as you have applied I'll review your application and contact you for a in person screening meeting online over zoom.

If you are ready to step into the next level of performance.
This is the time.

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breathing is an essential key to unlock performance and it is a highly trainable system

many high-performing individuals, sports practitioners, and athletes know that good breathing is essential to performance.

fewer may realize that by breathing mindfully and cultivating how you breathe, you can perform far beyond your expectations. 

even fewer know how to train breathing musculature and when to implement what technique that  is the essential key to unlock performance

one significant advantage of practicing breathwork is that it helps you create healthy breathing habits.

you'll internalize breathing techniques that improve movement, posture, and energy expenditure.

like any other type of training, you have to put a structure in place. a system that helps you create good breathing routines and habits.

distilled into an 8 week intensive program, you'll get:

the widest range of deep breathwork practices & knowledge

techniques for enhancing performance and how to apply them in a practical manner

full life time access to our online course platform for self pace education

online 101 & weekly group sessions with johnny oduya & team

direct application for you and your clients of what you learn with feedback

become a certified hale breath performance instructor level 1 (if passing examination)

during the 8 week certification you'll

develop the foundation for excellent breathing

deepen knowledge of how psychology impacts breathing

learn how to build your co2 tolerance

train all your breathing musculature in new ways

accelerate your performance with the power of your breath

find a new community and build a network


Sign-up now and you'll get the application form directly to your inbox when the next round opens for the fall 2022