jacob marinko

breath guide

with more than 20 years of experience as a developmental coach, jacob teaches breathwork classes aimed at helping you connect deeper with your human nature.


jacob first encountered conscious breathing in 2004 when a therapist taught him to anchor his breath while going through a difficult life transition, battling anxiety & high stress. the simple act of changing his breathing pattern, changed his life & was the first step to quit smoking. seven years ago a long career as a sales & marketing professional, start-up entrepreneur & management consultant shifted into personal coaching and group process facilitation. on this learning journey he educated himself in natural movement, coaching, breathwork and other modalities to utilize natural means of healing to perform at higher levels.

he has used breathwork to come out of depression and burn out as well as a tool in endurance sports such as ultra distance trail running, swim run and triathlon. today he is a professional coach, breath guide and works with hale since 2019, dedicated to bring the power of breath to the world.

together with hale he is on a mission to support individuals & organizations to breathe – connect – grow.