markus busslehner

breath guide

Markus is born in the heart of the alps. His tool to reconnect is simple: Mountains. Backcountry skiing and Freeride are on of his biggest passions we know. After years of traveling the world and searching the purpose in life, he found some of it in breathwork.

As a breathguide, he loves to go deep and brings you to the present moment with a calming voice. His musical journey comes from a long passion for Percussions and DJ-ing. For him, breathwork is a tool to inner peace, mindfulness and a happier life.  

Markus guides his clients out of their heads and into their body.
Motto: Turn clients back to a human.

I support people to tap into their innate resilience, fire up their potential and enhance their health through Breathwork. Better breathing habits will be  integrated into every day, breath by breath. So many answers we are looking for, are already with in.

Take action and be the Alchemist – the one in charge.

Education and certificates:

  • hale breath guide
  • Mental coach ( in training )
  • Ski Instructor
  • Wim Hof fundamental certifiate