Sara Brinell Svelander

breath guide

Sara wants to grow and explore life through playfulness, presence and curiosity, and be able to spread this joy and awareness with the world.


Besides being a guide at hale Sara is a dancer, yoga and meditation instructor where she helps people to deeper connect with their bodies through awareness, breath and movement.

Sara found the power of the breath through yoga practice 13 years ago. At the time, she had a lot of problems with sleep, depression, anxiety and eating disorders. Sara tried various doctors and medicines without any improvement. With the help of the breathing practice and softer movement she was able to calm her mind, find a deeper connection with herself and began to heal. She continued to explore and is by now a certified yoga & meditation instructor, a health & stress coach and breathwork guide.

Let go of the head and go into the heart. Awake the joy and power within you. Sara is one of our certified breath guides, let her inspire you to breathe – connect – grow.