Enter your flow state to optimize performance, enhance learning & accelerate personal development

When we are in flow state we access all our knowledge, experience and skill effortlessly. In this state we are flowing with what we have accumulated over our whole life.

In essence, we are strainless, frictionless and unblocked.

There is a wave of continuous flow from one task to another without thought or hesitation. The flow state is utilizing everything we have in a state of complete effortlessness.

Yet, this is not a state where we acquire new skills, where we expand our capacity and create new neural pathways. To do that, we need resistance, challenges and strain.

New science shows that when we push it and when we create an environment where we are struggling almost to the point of fatigue, and just beyond, learning occurs.

Especially when we rest or sleep afterwards.

What if you could learn how to access your flow states on a daily basis?

What if you could combine a state of flow with creating an environment for optimal learning, progression and growth?

In this workshop you’ll learn how to utilize the power of your breath to create that potential environment.

The place where you enter flow and use that state to create growth.

This experiential workshop provides new knowledge, practical experience and will challenge you to the max.

You are guided by two high level professionals who have dedicated their lives to reach optimal performance at all levels of life.

Balance your autonomic nervous system

Our autonomic nervous system has recently been shown to be semi-controllable through breathing. You'll learn how to balance your autonomic nervous system for better health, wellbeing and recovery

Activate your connections to relax

The main channel for communication between body and brain. You'll learn to activate your vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is the essential connection between your brain and organs and the key to deeper relaxation, recovery and growth.

Bio markers & measurement

Knowing how to read the signals from your system and how to regulate them is a key skill. You'll learn about the key bio markers for your autonomic nervous system and how to measure them

Natural EPO enhancement

You'll learn how to enhance the amount of red blood cells in your blood stream by just breathing techniques and breath holding. Improve performance and recovery.

Create an high altitude environment

You'll learn how to create a simulated high altitude training environment through your own breath and walk from sea level to the peak of Mont Blanc (5000 m).

The 3 dimensions of breathing

You'll learn everything you'll need to optimize and improve your breathing patterns during training, day-today and for deeper relaxation and recovery.

Advance into a more holistic approach to work with clients. Gain a competitive advantage in your field and take your clients to the next level of performance

Take your training and performance to the next leve by adding the latest advancement in breath performance knowledge


09.00 - Welcome Intro
10.30 - Breathing under stress
12.00 - Lunch
13.30 - Q&A
14.00 - Recovery modalities
15.00 - Breathwork session
16.00 - Checkout

Plan B
Görwellsgatan 12 

20 spots only

Good health and conditioning, prior experience of learning or certifying in holistical health and / or used to learn in a workshop setting

If you are pregnant.

You experience or have serious physical or psychological health issues, such as heart condition, blood pressure, epilepsi, diabetes, anxiety or panic attacks or similar.

If you have any of these conditions and know how to handle them or / and still want to participate, please contact us directly to make sure it is suitable.