17 weeks of intensive & in-depth training

hale breath guide certification training level 1

Starting 19th of august 2024
comprehensive online learning with a one-week on-location immersion


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facilitate breathwork

The hale Breath Guide Level 1 training provides you with the necessary knowledge and skills to facilitate & create high-quality breathwork classes, courses, and workshops.


This comprehensive training will give you a solid foundation to work as a breath guide within Hale & in your own business. It will enhance your leadership & communication skills & equip you with organizational tools and principles.

hale's market platform

When your certification is completed, you will have the opportunity to operate as a Breath Guide on Hale's market platform and serve breathers online, at our studios, and through our upcoming app.

what is part of the training

transform your practice with the market's most in-depth breathwork facilitation training

Learn facilitation and detailed breathwork methods to empower yourself and create positive changes in other people's lives

Module 1 - get into the essentials

Online education, breathing sessions & mentorship group

Module 1: 5 weeks

Dates: TBD

the Hale Essentials Course & Personal Breathwork Practice.

The first four weeks of the program are dedicated to immersing yourself in the essentials of breathing and breathwork. From the start, you will delve deep into theory while engaging in practical breathing exercises on your own.

As a breath guide trainee at Hale, you will breathe, connect, and grow while studying breathing principles, techniques, and how to facilitate breathwork.

For your convenience, this part of the training is entirely online and self-paced. You will also have access to all our breathwork sessions at our studio and online.

To support your training you'll have a mentor and mentorship group throughout the whole duration.

Module 2 - prepare to be ready

Module 2: 5 weeks

Dates: TBD

Weekend training: TBD

Facilitation Training & Connection

After completing the hale Essentials Course you'll continue your personal breathwork practice while taking the next step towards becoming a hale certified Breath Guide.

In this part of the training, you'll start & learn to facilitate hale signature sessions. This will expand your knowledge and understanding of breathing techniques and teach you how to breathe in various styles.

To prepare you to be ready for real-life sessions, you will also practice and facilitate breathwork with fellow trainees during the intensive in-person training weekend.

Your mentor & mentorship group will support you during the facilitation training.

Module 3 - learn how to fly

Live online education & intensive week on-location

Module 3: 4 weeks

Dates: TBD

Week training: TBD

Facilitate & grow into a breath guide.

During the training's final phase, you'll learn how to facilitate hale's signature sessions & the hale breath journey. With the support from your mentor and the group, you will develop into a skilled and confident breath guide.

This part of the program will focus on your personal leadership and facilitator skill development. It will culminate in a final intensive in-person training week, where we will explore scenarios, delve into large group facilitation, and engage in deeper personal work. By the end of the program, you will be well-prepared to embark on your journey as a certified breath guide.

When your certification is completed, you can operate as a breath guide on Hale's market platform, serving breathers, companies, and other trainers online, at our studios, and through our upcoming app.

Sami Hakala

trainer & breath guide at hale

become a Hale Certified Breath Guide

Learn how to facilitate breathwork, foster human connection and promote personal growth

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Learn all about the hale breath guide certification training level 1


Fabian - hale breath guide level 1

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