annie klingsdal

breath guide

present and attentive are some words that describe annie. introduced to conscious breathing as a child, she decided early on to make her breath an ally in life.


annie begun exploring deeper therapeutic breathwork around ten years ago, during a challenging period in her life, and she has practiced it ever since.

annies approach to breathwork is as a proactive and therapeutic tool. which she use to help people better handle stress in their everyday life. she also specializes in helping clients untangle deep-seated mental and physical tensions. her classes are focused on guiding you back to the present moment and your true self.

when not working as a breath guide at hale, annie is a dedicated psychotherapist, specialized in stress-related issues, and she runs her own therapy clinic in Stockholm city.

annie klingsdal is one of our certified breath guides. let her inspire you to breathe – connect – grow.