hanna gillving

breath guide

Hannas breathwork classes will help you relax, re-charge and reclaim your natural breathing patterns. Her firm yet soft guidance brings harmony with a healing touch.


Hannas mission is to raise the awareness of natural methods for finding harmony and homeostasis, both through writing, guiding and teaching. 

She found breath as medicine in 2014, when going on a personal health journey and deepening her ashtanga yoga practice in the jungles of Thailand. After leaving her former career in the Swedish investment business, she chose to walk her true path of becoming a holistic health professional and teacher. In 2019, she published her first book, KETO-licious, a guide on how to use food, breath and ancestral lifestyle habits to optimize health and thrive in life. 

Parallel to her work as a breath guide at hale, Hanna is a functional medicine therapist, nutritionist, holistic addiction medicine counselor and functional breathing coach. She offers 1-on-1 consultations for individuals seeking to take their health, well-being, recovery and respiratory fitness to higher levels, by investigating the root causes of various health problems or diffuse symptoms. Hanna creates tailor-made protocols by using food, breath and lifestyle as potent tools, and she adopts a holistic approach to wellness informed by evolutionary science. 

Hanna also specializes in female breathing patterns, empowering women through menstrual cycle awareness and aligning life with individual female hormonal fluctuations to find both balance and peak efficiency in life.


Hanna’s top 3 favorite breathwork benefits are…

  • Increased connection with herself, her physical body and innate intuition
  • The gentle cleanse and de-cluttering of her high-performing mind
  • The long-term positive impact on her addictive brain biochemistry

unmatched numbers

100% expert on food as medicine

200 hours teacher training in the 8 limbs of ashtanga yoga

18 months wrote her first book KETO-licious