Tiziano Leonardi

breath guide

Tiziano brings his love of breathwork and music together by incorporating carefully selected music, as well as his own compositions on the handpan and piano, into his breathwork classes.


From a young age, Tiziano was exposed to meditation practices. His father would wake him up early in the morning for silent meditation, breath focus, and mantra singing. Although he was not initially fond of waking up early, he began to understand the importance of the practice and learned to enjoy the feeling of being centered afterwards. 

Later in life, when facing stress and constant overthinking, Tiziano found solace in breathwork. He was eager to learn more and found that continuous breathing was incredibly helpful in managing the stresses of day-to-day life.

Tiziano believes that it is important for more people to engage in breathing practices and learn about the topic to profoundly impact one's well-being.

He is incredibly grateful to be part of Hale and help to bring this amazing tool to everyone.

Tiziano is one of our certified breath guides, let him inspire you to breathe – connect – grow.

unmatched numbers

4,30 min breath holding record

512 days of doing daily breathing practises