how would it look if you were a blogger

What if someone would've taught me breath, work and breathing?

I like the concept of what ifs, what if it is something that can show us In respective? What might have been different?

If we would have known what we know now.

Everything has taken us to this place where we can actually have this thought of what if, and in retrospect, rethink what our life could have been different. If we would've known what we know now on the basis of that, I think we want to change the future on the basis of that, I do believe that we find the means to enhance the life of others, society, humans, and this world at large.

Cause we have known about the pain that we went through, that we would like others not to have. That is evolution for me because if we can avoid the unnecessary pain that we have caused ourselves or be subjects for, for others, they will face other pains.

And maybe that will actually enhance human life and evolve us about the basic pains of life.

Struggle for survival, struggle with anxiety, depression, struggle with scarcity and not having enough struggle with obesity and all these things that are plaguing our world today.

So I vaguely remember when I was in seventh grade, I remember the building. I remember the friends, I remember the smoking square we had on the school yard. And I remember how I, somewhere in the seventh grade was smoking there.

And I wonder, and I can't remember why specifically I choose to reach for that poison as a 13 year old boy?

Why did I choose to find money? Go get a cigarette and smoke it.

What was the thing that I wanted to, to alleviate the pain and suffering that I was feeling that that cigarette gave me comfort.

Can't remember that.

But of course there, something could have been the situation, whereas a seven and a half year old boy was all of a sudden thrown from one reality into another. I knew that we were moving, but it wasn't until the car was packed, the house was empty and we were about to leave.

But I realized that I would never return to my friends and the place that I lived. I was going somewhere different, strange. And I panicked. I ran to say goodbye to my old friend. I don't even remember his name. I think it was Sebastian.

I ran to his door. I knocked and I screamed, but nobody opened. Nobody was there. I was devastated. I was sobbing. I was crying. I was angry. I was frustrated.

My mother came to meet me.

When I was walking back to our house, to the car, I was leaving forever. And I remember the resentment and the pain and the disappointment and the anger and the frustration I felt at that moment for her and my father doing this to me.