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Go from great to excellent

Join the next generation of hale Athletic Breath Certification level 1
with Johnny Oduya. Starting 15th of October 2024.

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If you are…

• A personal trainer with the ambition to help your clients elevate even further, and make yourself stand out among the competition.

• A professional athlete searching for a key to unlock even greater performance.

• Passionate about exercising and pushing yourself to the limit.

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Your guide and mentor

Johnny Oduya, former professional hockey player in the NHL, two-time Stanley cup champion and silver medalist in the Winter Olympics, Sochi 2014 and founder of hale center.

Over the past eight years I’ve dedicated my time and resources to research, training with the best in the field and applying knowledge of breathwork practically to myself and my clients as a trainer and coach. It’s been a journey of constant learning and growth.

In the last four years we’ve worked intensely to condense all this knowledge into an eight-week athletic breath certification program that’s been thoroughly tested and validated.

During this 8-week certification program, you will:

Learn how to master your athletic breath

Build your co2 tolerance

Train all your breathing musculature in new ways

Learn how to guide your clients in breathwork sessions

Find a new community and build a network

The whole approach of applied breathwork

How phychology impacts breathing

Stress manangement tools for both you and your clients

How to integrate tech and science with breathwork

How habits and mindset impact performance

New ways to support and teach with the skills you already possess

Athletic Breath Certification level 1

Breath training and breathwork are unmatched tools for improving both athletic performance and quality of life.

If you’re an athlete, a trainer working with clients, or an individual that wants to take your training or coaching to the next level, this unique certification training is made for you.

The lost key to optimal performance

Many high-performing individuals, sports practitioners, and athletes know that excellent breathing is essential to performance.

But very few know how to train their breathing to perform at higher levels.

By joining this training, you and a few dedicated professionals can get the opportunity to change that.

What you’ll learn in 8 weeks

When you master the art of breathing, you expand your capacity for performance. Through breath, you can perform on a higher physical level, relax and recover faster and deeper than ever before.

This is the unknown advantage of breath performance training for athletes.

Parts of the course curriculum

- Nose control

- Nose breathing threshold test

- Treadmill nose limiter

- Nose limiter finisher

- Running key takeaway

- Movement and breathing in exercises

- Squat and breathe

- Breath and stability

- Burpee breath timing

- Walking C02 adaptation

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