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We know from personal experience and from former participants about the power of this certification training.
For you to make an informed decision and try parts of the training before applying, we offer you the breath performance application package.

Basics of Athletic Breath video course

Get access to practical instruction videos with Johnny and start applying the breath performance basics in your training today

1 month free app trial with unlimited online breathing sessions + 4 sessions in our studio

Breathe with certified breath guides live from home & experience the full scope of hale breathwork sessions

1 performance session with Johnny

Join Johnny for an in person athletic breath session in Stockholm to test, ask questions & receive coaching feedback

The Basics of Athletic Breath Application Package

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 Updated video course Basics of Athletic Breath with Johnny Oduya (value 2335 SEK) 

 Info about the athletic breath certification

Free one month trial with unlimited access to live online & digital breathing (+40 sessions) and 4 sessions in our studio (value 695 SEK)

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 Athletic breath session with johnny at the studio (value 295 SEK)

Full refund guarantee

If you take the course & breathe with us a minimum of 3 times and feel that it did not meet your expectations we offer a full refund guarantee. No questions asked.
Simply reach out to our customer support & we'll refund you immediately.

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Course curriculum

This is some of the things included in

The Basics of Athletic Breath video course

Using breath before, during and after training

Learn how to test your nervous system activation and readiness with a simple breathing exercise.

Learn about, how to create & train your intra abdominal pressure.

Instruction video on how to squat & breathe to keep intra abdominal pressure & strengthen posture.

Exclusive 12 min guided walking C02 tolerance meditation & exercise.

Learn the powerful 4-7-8 breathing technique to recover & relax your body & mind after training.

the one advantage you’ll ever need

Many high performers, sports practitioners, and athletes know excellent breathing is essential. But few know how to train it.

By joining our program, you have the chance to master breathing for athletes and gain a competitive advantage.

the essential key to unlock optimal performance

The athletic breath training teaches athletes to raise their capacity in every aspect of their sport and game.

When you learn to breathe mindfully, you can improve everything from movement efficiency and posture to mental focus, energy expenditure, psychological mindset, and physical recovery.

Johnny and the hale team completely blew my mind with how effective online breathwork can be. I did not expect people to connect in a way that was so intense over zoom. Athletes who work with a physiotherapist who knows breathwork, that is the future of performance.

Sam Swanson - BASc Psychology Northeastern University | Personal Trainer | hale Breath Performance Coach