Designed to invisibly fuel energy into your every moment 

It's not exactly cheating, but when you follow a breathing pattern with your headphones on to enhance your focus, relax your body and fuel your creativity by altering your biochemistry, you’ll probably excel at work.

You’ll most likely also be a sensation on your next run or just at home - the only thing others will notice is a positive change. They might even ask how you do it.

Now, the real question is, will you keep this life hack to yourself or share the experience?

The easiest way to immediately thrive

With the hale app at your fingertips, you can instantly connect with your personal breath guides. At any given moment, open up your favorites and tap into the life force of your breath.

Whether it's a brief pause after lunch at work to reset your focus, enhancing your morning meditation practice or discovering fresh inspiration for starting your day.

Every conscious breath brings you to the present moment. Connect through breath and accelerate your growth forward.

breathing is meditation. meditation is breath

Breath awareness lies within the sacred experience of presence. When you consciously observe your breath while allowing it to breathe autonomously, you unlock the secret of meditation.

As simple as it may sound, mastering the art of breath is as elusive as capturing the present moment. With the hale app and our breath guides, you have the power to consciously practice the art of breath awareness.

All of a sudden, you are there.
Right here. Simply breathing.

Let your breath be your meditation.

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