ann-caroline “ann-ca” brundin

breath guide

With a background as a designer, I can easily relate to a busy and often stressful work life. I discovered breath work as the optimal tool for myself to handle and find recovery from everyday stressors. With the help from breathing more consciously, I have found a much deeper connection with myself. With that I feel much more grounded, relaxed, and confident in myself. 

I have a common thread through many of the tasks in my life and that is my passion for optimized daily function. Whether it´s designing the best pocket solution for a jacket, training Pilates to build up the body to manage daily physical strains or practicing and teaching the best breathing exercises to handle day-to-day challenges. 

As a breath guide my wish and intention is to spread my own findings in breathwork as a great and easy to access tool to support you in your daily life. During my classes my aim is to guide you into finding a deeper connection with yourself. By that I want to make you feel totally safe and relaxed to explore the full potential of your own breath. 


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