emil nylander


Emil shares his strong passion for breathwork and self empowerment from a place of presence, playfulness and sense for details to bring forth experiences where the participants feel safe and held.


Always being someone who walked his own path, questioning dogma and exploring a variety of different things, Emil found breathwork first through yoga and the vast wisdom of pranayama – and realized quickly that this was a powerful way to go deep within and become healthier, both physically and mentally. It changed his life profoundly as he now has a tool to regulate stress, anxiety and energy at will.

When becoming a yoga teacher he made breathing practices a natural part of his daily life to gain focus, mental resilience and boost respiratory health. Through his own practices he realized the potential we all carry around since birth and has made it his biggest passion to spread these insights to others.

Working also as a photographer and filmmaker and being a former DJ, his interest in visual arts and music shines through in his breathwork sessions as he puts a lot of emphasis on ambience through sound and lighting creating a safely held space for everyone to explore.

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60 minutes breathwork and meditation morning routine

2 minutes daily cold shower

100% trusting innate healing capabilities