mahdi hamidi

breath guide

Mahdi as a breath-work instructor across multiple disciplines as well as wilderness guide, he is guiding and facilitating individuals and groups on how to tap into the wisdom of the breath and nature.

Holding a background in engineering, gives him the edge of revealing how proper breathing enhances the efficiency, sustainability and energy-saving characteristics of the body and mind.

In general setting, he is passionate about seeing how people alter their look at work and life through a deeper connection with their own breath, thus making more conscious choices. And his enthusiasm for the company setting is to provide meaningful and practical tools for team building and recreational activities in relation to breath and nature.

His mission is to promote the whole spectrum of ‘Human Being’ instead of just ‘Human Doing’.

Education and certificates:

  • hale Breath Guide
  • Certified Level 2 Wim Hof Method Instructor (Wim Hof)
  • Certified Breatheology Instructor (Stig ​​Severinsen)
  • Certificate of Completion the Breath Mastery Fundamental (Dan Brulé)
  • Wilderness Guide (Vildmarksguide-Axxell)
  • Sea kayaking Guide (Nordic Instructor Licence- NIL)
  • Educator of Red Cross in the field of Health, Safety and Stress Management
  • Supervisor of Integration Social Centers
  • Technical Researcher in the field of Energy Technology