From practice to pure inspiration

The hale breath guides undergo training to deliver the hale signature classes and the hale breath journey, but there is a whole lot more to explore beyond that.

As the guides discover their voice and share it with the world, inspiration takes flight. They begin crafting from their unique experiences.

Every guide’s unique experiences is the inspiration for their sessions, and within the hale app, they share these experiences with you. To inspire is to breathe in and infuse others with the drive to be creative. Discover your next burst of inspiration and start creating - with every breath.

When there’s a guide, there’s a way

Each guide creates their own recorded sessions from their personal practice and exploration in the world of breathwork. This provides you with a great variety of guided breathwork sessions.

The range is as wide as the creativity of each guide, spanning from deep and long full-spectrum breathwork sessions to brief, guided moments of relaxation.

Discover your journey into breathwork, purposefully guided every step of the way.

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