Optimize your life by tweaking your breathing

The way you breathe greatly affects your life. 

The magic with our breath is that it functions automatically - we don't have to think about it. But sometimes, our breathing patterns aren't doing us any favors.

Our bodies can pick up habits of breathing that we're not even aware of, adding unnecessary challenges.

But here's the trick: by tweaking your breathing patterns, you can re-train and develop your breathing into supporting you, even when your mind is wandering.

Change up your breathing style, and you've got the power to switch your physical, mental and emotional state within minutes, if not seconds.

Adapt, challenge and evolve

Discover science-based breathing techniques in the hale app, tailored for different purposes. Whether you're looking to release stress or enhance focus at work or life in general, these techniques have you covered.

By training your breathing pattern, you boost your capacity to optimize your breathing.

You can adapt them to match your level and current ability by changing the time you practice the pattern.

Box breathing - the secret of the warriors

Box breathing is a powerful yet simple breath pattern creating focus, calmness, and energy. It activates your relaxation response, lowering cortisol levels and stress.

Modern myths say this is a technique used by the Navy Seals. True or false, the effects are well researched.

In situations demanding your optimal performance, such as crucial work or school presentations, high-intensity activities or simply a wish to enhance concentration and break free from routine - this technique is ideal for you.

Balance your heart and brain with this breath practice

Get clarity and focus by slowing down to six breaths per minute, balancing your heart and brain.

By balancing your inhale and exhale with a smooth, wavelike breath through your nose, you create coherence between two parts of the nervous systems, heart and brain. This ancient wisdom is supported by modern science, since various studies show that balanced breathing enhances heart rate variability - a key element in easing anxiety and depression.

Balance breathing is an uncomplicated practice that can improve sleep, stabilize mood and hold numerous benefits for the body, mind, and emotions.

It also serves as the go-to breathing technique before team meetings at hale, where we kick off with 5 minutes of a breath practice together.

Master your sleep with 4-7-8

Master the art of sleep with this simple yet powerful relaxation breathing technique. Dr. Andrew Weil developed the  4-7-8 breathing method, calling it a “natural tranquilizer for the nervous system”.

Research highlights its potential to reduce stress and anxiety, enhance the ability to fall asleep, lower blood pressure, and improve concentration.

Though you can reap the benefits at any time, this technique is especially known to support better sleep and is a go-to for calming the nervous system before bedtime.

Take a powerful pause - and breathe

Discover the immense health benefits of slowing down your breath. The key to energizing yourself lies in a simple piece of knowledge.

By inhaling less, extending exhales or holding your breath, the levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) increase in your body. This triggers the release of oxygen (O2) from the blood to the cells.

One can say, "Oxygen fuels your cells with energy."When you inhale more than exhaling or pausing, it is called over-breathing. This results in an excess of oxygen, and less is released from the blood to the cells.

Take a pause and let your body's wisdom boost your energy, well-being and health.

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