Congratulation on joining basics of athletic breath!

the next generation of hale athletic breath certification program level 1
with johnny oduya starting 15th of May 2024

If you’re an athlete, a trainer working with clients, or an individual that wants to take your training or coaching to the next level, this unique certification training is for you.

During 8 weeks, you’ll get coaching, mentoring, feedback, and hands-on attention from Johnny Oduya and the team. To get a chance to join the course, fill in the application form. If you meet the right requirements, you can be one of the selected few to join the certification starting May 15th 2024.

voices of the breath performance certification

Community was one of the primary reasons for me to do this course. I love the people in our group. They were on the other side of the world and I felt as connected to them as someone who lives in my own house

Pierre Debar

”Johnny and the hale team completely blew my mind with how effective online breathwork can be. I did not expect people to connect in a way that was so intense over zoom. Athletes who work with a physiotherapist who knows breathwork, that is the future of performance.”

Sam Swanson

”This course is good for anybody who wants to live a better life, period. When you learn how to use breathwork, you learn how to thrive.”

Ali Parchami