in the raw class, we dive directly into the thick of breathing. no talk. straight to inhale, exhale, hold & repeat

life is full of wonderful things and experiences. we could, if we want, rush from one place to another, never catching a breath.

with our raw classes, we’ve made both possible. join us at our studio or online for that breath in between everything else.

in our raw classes you’ll meet all our other classes in a new way. simple breathing, straight to it. no talk, all action and interpreted freely by our certified breath guides. we call it creative simplicity in its rawest form.

Because the class gave me everything that I needed and more. ❤️

Aida C

It's a lovely experience and Maki is such a good guide. Love the music, too.

Charlotte B

Breath work with a great guide is one of the best experiences one can have I think, and the Hale guides are fantastic.

Sandra L

duration: 0h 45min

what you get: mixed techniques and exercises. raw & simplified.

level: all levels, but we recommended some breathwork experience.

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on the hale breath journey you'll explore your breath through a combination of science-based breathing patterns, the different breath schools, traditions & modalities found across the globe and our own mysterious add-ons. each class is designed to create specific effects and outcomes. read more about each of our classes below.


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